Temp Box Adjustable Arm

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The Pocket Temper Adjustable Arm!
Now allows you to use your ODT Pocket Temper at ANY HEIGHT, ANY ANGLE, ANY SCENARIO.
The brand new gooseneck bendable arm stand gives you the ability to use your temper with any setup.
Reach new heights and weird angles to fit your biggest and smallest rigs.
The arm is completely adjustable with 360 movability. Remove and attach each piece individually so your arm is the perfect length for any setup.
Never worry weather your temper is too far or too close to be temped again!
Magnetic clamp allows for quick attachment and removal for when your ready to dab on-the-go.
Turn your portable pocket temper into the ultimate desktop temping device!
Micro-suction base is not sticky, cleanable and re usable. Will never loose stick or suction!
Made with high quality polylactic acid (PLA). PLA is a corn based plastic and 100% biodegradeable.
Can be cleaned with a light solution.

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