Dank Dabber v2 Scrape Tip

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The v2 Scrape Tip works excellent with shatter, diamonds and other hard concentrates. Brush the interchangeable tip of the dabber with your torch and it will easily pierce through your hard concentrate so you don't loose any of your precious material!

| Zach

One of the best dabbers I've used no matter the tip you choose. Each one has its place and this one is great for getting the last bits from the edges of a container. Check it out yourself, you won't be disappointed!

| Will from BK

It’s my daily dabber. Got one for the homie as a bday gift and he too uses this as his go to dabber. Haven’t tried any other tips but the scrape is versatile and can generally handle most concentrate consistencies. Highly recommend! Well made product. Lessss getttt ittt!

5 stars based on 2 reviews