UNIQUE: Thimble design; the original finger dabber!


USER FRIENDLY: Stands by itself to prevent your concentrates from unwanted particulates getting on your dabber before and after use!

SAFE: Zero heat transfer to your finger during use as the tips are crafted from T2 titanium equivalent grade stainless steel. They resist oxidation(off-gassing) when exposed to temperatures up to 1,400°F so they're beyond safe to use when dabbing at proper temperatures of around 550°F. Additionally, each dabber comes with a storage container and the v1 Needle Point has a protective cap for when not in use to prevent accidental injury but also to protect it's fine tip! 


INTERCHANGEABLE: Removable tips which come in a variety of options for all different types of concentrate consistencies from distillate to diamonds!

MADE IN THE USA: Down to the packaging they come in!



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